Keeping kids sociable!

I've moved away from cakes today and instead have put together some different suggestions of ways to keep our kids sociable whilst on lock-down!

It's really important for children to still have some form of social interaction with their peers. They adapt easily and are mostly getting used to their new way of life, however they still need to be able to grow their social development skills (as do us grown ups!)

Many of us have been turning to social media, video chats, online games and even virtual pubs to keep in touch with our friends and family. It’s a great way to keep our connections with people alive and personally I’ve found that I’ve spent a lot more time socialising then I normally would!

When it comes to our kids, especially the younger ones who can't do it themselves, we need to provide them with the opportunity to do the same with their friends. We can organise video call play-dates, either 1 to 1 or even a group! Maybe organise a few things for them do to at the same time such as a teddy bears tea party, play-dough, drawing/colouring (they could even try to draw each other). They could dress up in fancy dress and have a dance party! Or why not get them to make up a dance show or puppet show beforehand and perform it for their friends?

(This is a story map picture that my son wanted to share with his friends!)

Some other games that can work over video chat include things like charades and pictionary!

I’ve actually started to plan my son's 5th

birthday party under the assumption that the lock-down will be extended. It’s a month away but is going to take a bit of planning. The idea is to send out invites like we normally would, however it’s to a group video chat. If they can attend then we’ll send them a ‘party pack’ with a themed hat, plate, napkin etc. We’ll even include a few party snacks and a party bag which the parents can give them at the end! We’ll keep it fairly simple with a couple of classic games such as musical statues/bumps and let them all sing happy birthday whilst we bring the cake in!

This sort of interaction really helps them to build relationships and keep in touch with the outside world. This is a scary time and the kids are definitely going to be scared by it all. They’re not allowed to go near anyone or touch anything whilst out on their one walk for the day, if this is long term then this is what they’ll get used to and will forget how to interact with others unless we help them to keep those connections!

My nephew had a brilliant idea of making a video of himself doing an obstacle course that he designed. He then sent it to all his friends and challenged them to do the same and send it to him so he could see it! You could do this with so many different challenges and keep them busy for hours! Whether is dance routines, painting challenges or even baking challenges!!

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