Rock-a-Bye Baby

What do you do for someone before they're about to embark on a journey of sleepless nights and endless dirty nappies? A SURPRISE PARTY! (a tea party of course)

Our sister was about to pop, so we wanted to throw her a special tea party to celebrate.

The invites were sent, we pulled out all of our best crockery, baked some delicious cupcakes and created some silly baby themed games!

We had to keep all of our planning on the down low so our sister didn't find out. This was harder than it seems! (we're not very good at keeping secrets)

Our sister thought she was just coming down for a quiet visit, but how wrong she was.

The day before the party arrived and it took us hours to decorate the house with paper pom poms, bunting and balloons. We also had to prepare all of the games and decorate the cakes. I never imagined a day where I'd be placing tiny plastic babies in ice cube trays (I'll explain later). We were exhausted!

The things we do for family eh?

That evening my sister and her lovely bump arrived. I handed her an envelope and she looked a little puzzled, but when she realised what the invitation was for she was thrilled!

The next day we had such a lovely party and the games turned out to be hilarious, so all the effort was worth it. I think bump enjoyed the day too!

Plus, we love a good excuse to use our crockery!


Here are some of the games we played:

Baby Shower Bingo

We printed templates from the internet and made up our own baby related bingo items.

My Waters Have Broken

For this game you can buy tiny plastic babies which fit into ice cube trays. Once the ice cubes are set, every player has to drop a cube into their drink and whoever's melts first shouts 'my waters have broken!' This game would be great as an ice breaker (excuse the pun) for when all your guests arrive.

Guess Who?

We bought this personalised board from and it has different sections for guests to guess the name, weight, due date and gender of the baby. It is perfect to be passed around whilst everyone is enjoying their tea and cake.


Our winners were given these cute milk bottles, which we filled with mini Smarties. They sell these bottles fairly cheaply online.

What do teapots wear to a tea party?


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