Tea For Me Is Born!

So how did Tea For Me come about?

Lets take it back to the days of digging around in antique shops and early Sunday starts to grab a boot sale bargain. We were on a mission, a crockery mission shall we say, to hunt for 200 cups and saucers needed for a big day...

Tea For Me's 'mummy' was getting married; a stunning garden wedding was on the horizon and we needed to find our tea cups and saucers! Our love for all things vintage meant this hunt was easy, we were able to spend our spare time rummaging for beautiful crockery. Even our nan caught the crockery bug and there was no stopping her! The countdown was on...

Success! We had enough crockery to supply the Queen's tea party and just in the nick of time.

Wedding bells were ringing and tea cups were clinking. Our crockery looked perfect, but unfortunately the day had to come to an end.

As we packed away tea cup after tea cup, saucer after saucer, we realised this was our love. We wanted to hunt for vintage gems every day.

So... we did just that!

Ta Dah! Tea For Me was born and is ever growing.

We never knew our days of rummaging would lead to this, but who are we to complain!

What does a teapot say to it's lover? O, dajarling!

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